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Default Re: Triple Head for NVIDIA graphics cards?

Originally Posted by einstein_314
Lol, wow. This thread has been revived twice!!! Now it's 6 years old!!

I highly doubt nvidia will ever make it so you can span across SLI to span 4 monitors....sure that might be great for the 10 people who would use it. It's just not worth their time.

Here's an idea. Get a triplehead2Go thinger, and attach another one to each of the three spots. Now you have a 9 monitor span!!! (I wonder if that would actually work...) Other than of course your video card grinding to a halt from outputting 17280x1200 9 24" widescreens FTW!!!!
Actually the TH2G can't even do 3 x 24" at full res because the bandwidth needed is too much for one port.
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