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Default Re: Frontlines: Fuel of War

Alright, here we go... pics! I have the game on highest settings possible in all areas except shadows and foliage. There is no AA option in the game and the pics thus look quite jaggy, even at 1680x1050 resolution. There is possibly a way to force AA but I had such a pain of a time starting the game I'd rather not mess it up right now fiddling with that.

First level, an oil refinery in a desert... good draw-distance and some nice textures... most of the missions involved clearing enemies from control points, like king of the hill:

These are from level two, a village on the edge of a military base. Draw-distance is not as good in this level, even though I have it on max the fog is much closer... also, the fog leaves weird outlines around distant objects sometimes, as you might see in these pics. Hopefully a mod/patch will eliminate or extend the fog further at some point:

This one shows two things, first, a normal objective like planting a charge on an AA gun... second, how bad some of the textures can be up close. Other textures can be surprisingly awesome looking though, so don't be too turned off:

Lastly, pics of the coolest weapons in the game, the mini-vehicles. The first two are the mini-chopper, thrown like a grenade and then piloted by you... it shoots rockets! Haha.. Second is the little exploding buggy which you drive around, then detonate... that tank is seconds from destruction:

All in all I am not sure the pics do the game justice, it looks pretty good in motion... Crysis good? Hahahahaha... no. But it looks good, and with everything maxed except shadows and foliage I got 50-60fps on average with an 8800GT. I think with AA forced on and that fog extended it could actually be a real looker...
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