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Default Re: DSL...The Nature Of The Beast

Originally Posted by tacos4me
DSL isn't "always on" unless your provider hands out IPs via DHCP, which many don't. A lot of ISPs use PPPoE for their DSL service, which requires you perform a very painless 'dial' that takes no longer than 2 or 3 seconds.
yes it is, dsl is a PVC not a SVC..

However, most routers can be set up to keep your PPPoE connection alive for however long you specify. So it's actually a virtual always on connection.
dsl providers use PPPoe as a way of authnticating and metering the end users, not for establishing curcuits.
As for the distance thing, it gets rather complicated. Generally speaking, you're fine if you live under 15k feet from your local CO, or remote terminal. You're looking at 1.5Mbit - 3Mbit at that distance, and that's providing you have decent premises wiring.[/
the distance is more of a factor determined by the CO equiptment and loop lenght( which has nothing todo with phsical length of the loop) then the internal wiring.
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