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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce 9600 GT" thread

Originally Posted by Zapablast05
You're only running 1? If you run 2, you'll probably get about 11k in 3Dmark06. Look at my sig, that's the highest I got right now. I want to overclock but Rivatuner isn't letting me, I don't know how to get it to work with SLi. I bet when I get my QX9650 and put my current project all together, I'll score about 15-18k.
Yea, I'd say your scoring kind of low for SLI right now. I reran the test in Vista once I put it into a similar pc with a E6750 and I get 10140 marks. My SM2 score was about 4800 and the SM3.0 score was 4500. Cpu score is 2350. You should be getting a much higher score for those tests in SLI. The only thing is that the test is fairly low resolution so I'm sure if you were to crank the res it would probably scale better.
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