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Default Re: BD-ROM Drives for PC. Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by dxx
It's not laziness. It's just common sense to put something that you might need to use in a convenient place. Keep keys by the door, buy a house with a built-in bathroom, keep your discs near the player, keep the player near you. Seems only rational to me.

Personally, I don't touch my PC except to turn it on once every few days. I don't even have my optical drive plugged in. I only use it to install Windows anyway. But if I was of the persuasion of swapping discs regularly, I really would see no sense at all in moving over to my PC's base unit to swap discs. We did that in 1996, because there was no alternative. Now there are, it seems kinda pointless to stick with the old ways.

And I do find it amusing that I got three replies to my post. Is it really that radical an idea, or are you guys just that adverse to change?
radical idea? adverse to change? LOL!

i have to move less than 2 feet to hit the button on my drives. furthermore, i dont load discs constantly when i am on my computer, so why would i care about it? the thought has never even crossed my mind to get a USB drive so i dont have to move. lol
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