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Default Re: Battlefield Heroes

TPCG: So new content will be added to the game after launch?

BC: If everyone loves the crazy abilities, like the stun grenades that bounce tanks in the air, we’ll have more crazy abilities. If people love to dress up their characters and everyone’s getting into the gold helmet we’ll go down that route. If people want a slightly more tactical game then we’ll add those kind of things to it. If people love the vehicles and aren’t so keen on the infantry combat – we hope that isn’t the case – then we could have more vehicle-based maps. Maybe they just want a map where everybody is in planes, we can add all of this stuff according to community feedback over the years, which is really good as a game developer because you don’t just cross your fingers and put a game out there and hope people will like it, we can evolve it over time...

If people put together a petition and come and visit the office and throw fruit at us because we haven’t added half-tracks with flame-throwers on them, then we’ll add half-tracks with flame-throwers on them.
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