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Default Re: BD-ROM Drives for PC. Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by ViN86
radical idea? adverse to change? LOL!

i have to move less than 2 feet to hit the button on my drives. furthermore, i dont load discs constantly when i am on my computer, so why would i care about it? the thought has never even crossed my mind to get a USB drive so i dont have to move. lol
+1, I can reach my tower just fine from where I'm sitting. The fact of the matter is I would still have to get my lazy arse up if I actually wanted to get a disc because they are either behind me or on a shelf above my monitor.

If you were going for convience it would make more sense to make an iso of your disc and just keep all of the images stored somewhere. I barely use cds anymore because everything is just saved as a file, which also makes it install a lot faster.
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