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Default Re: Brightness control not working with nVidia driver

Originally Posted by alexgreen
Brightness control works for me with 169.07 and .04 on Gutsy.
I believe i had to modify acpi scripts in order for brightness control to work.
In /etc/acpi/ my is:
        echo down > /proc/acpi/ibm/brightness
Does not work for me. Echoing to /proc/acpi/ibm/brightness from the command line directly does not work either.

Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon
Linux 2.6.22-14-generic SMP
Lenovo R61 with 1680x1050 LCD
nVidia Corporation Quadro NVS 140M (rev a1)
Driver: nvidia-glx-new 100.14.19+

Revision numbers reflect feature state of upstream software, but they add patches for security and whatever they consider essential/non-breaking updates.

Just to add my feedback:
I'd really, really, really appreciate it if nVidia open-sourced their drivers, then this kind of breakage wouldn't happen in the first place.
Technical advantages aren't too relevant if the drivers have problems.
And I'm concerned that driver troubles will tend to increase more than decrease once the card is off the marketing radar.
(In fact I have been considering selling the Quadro card and buying an ATI/AMD one. I'd like to avoid that though.)
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