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Default Re: BloodRayne 2 FSAA Patch 1.4

Originally Posted by AdamK47
This patch overrides D3DOverrider. I can't get vsync working with this. If I remove this patch vsync works. Put it back on and it's broken.
Weird, i have tested VSync here, and it works like a charm. But this is XP. Are you under Vista perhaps ?

Try to create a profile for the game with nHancer, and check 'Vertical Sync' to 'On', and tell me if it works.

D3DOverrider changes the calls to the D3D API, but, i do it too from my patch. nHancer tells the driver to do the changes, it should be more direct & efficient.

The patch needs to do miracles in order to run the game with FSAA.

Hope this helps.

Originally Posted by Buio
I'm no programmer, but afaik it works by intercepting the games directx output using its own d3d8.dll library (you see it in the patch, and its copied to the game folder meaning the game uses that lib before any other one). This probably means that other apps working by hooks to that lib can get broken. Just my guesses though.
Yes, that's what i was thinking too.
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