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Default Re: Frontlines: Fuel of War

Originally Posted by Spoudazo
With the 8800gtx I used to have, it ran pretty good, haven't tried it with the 8800gt, or if I did, I can't remember trying it since then.

Turn off anti-aliasing and see if that helps.

Just checked, and yep, runs at a constant 60fps on highest settings.
i tried with no AA and had to to turn it back on however dropping it down to 1280x1024 with 4xAA make's it run good enough, 45-60 fps.

I just wish MOHA would run properly with SLi then i could put my other card back in, and then im sure i could go back to 1600x1200, but 1280 is ok for now.

Does this game seem to take advantage of your quad core? i know my cpu holds me back with UE3 games somewhat ...
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