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Default Re: BD-ROM Drives for PC. Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL
God damn, how far away is your computer? From where I use my mouse I can put my arm down, open the front of my case and reach both of my optical drives, without moving my ass.

Unless your PC is in the room down the hall and you use 60 foot extension cords on your monitor and input devices, I can't see how having your CD drive 2 feet in front of you is any different than having it 2 feet down at your side.

If you really feel you need to do this you might as well have a toilet built into your chair and your car keys on a special little hanger that you keep within reach of the driver's side door of your car.
I keep mine a good 6ft from where I sit. Seems to make sense to me to keep it this far away - no point losing desk or leg-space for something I only touch once a week, tops. This is actually the closest it's been in quite some time, actually. Were it not for the constraint of having such short audio cables, it would be back out in the hall.

I don't like having my PC nearby. From a user perspective, I don't like having to hear it, from a technical perspective, I don't like it being near magnetic fields, user vibrations, or the heat of a heated room. If the optical drive was a part I needed, I'd have an external drive. Sensible, no?
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