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Default Re: DSL...The Nature Of The Beast

Originally Posted by tacos4me
Dial = authenticate, in this case. Point being, you don't 'dial in' you don't get to surf the internet or download. Your modem may be permanently connected to the DSLAM and your ISP's network, but you still need to authenticate, which requires dial-up style "dialing" inside of Windows. In my eyes that's not always on. Technically, yes, it is. But PPPoE authentication is a pain in the ass, and much like dial up. There's also a small overhead when compared to DHCP.

I don't know what to make of that statement. Of course loop length is a physical length. Loop length is the physical copper cable length from your local CO to your premises. It's as simple as that. DSL signals attenuate over distance, so the higher your loop length, the lower your attainable sync rate. Premises wiring also has a huge impact from my experience, especially in older houses with ancient copper. At lower sync rates, it's not much of an issue, but when you get up to 7-8Mbit, it starts to become a huge problem. That's when POTS splitters and CAT5 come in handy.
Lets just agree that my point of view is one from an engineering point of view and your's is one from an enthusiasts....
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