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Originally posted by targatop
Sounds like you are having an issue with NVdriver not loading up. What happens when you do:

/sbin/modprobe NVdriver


If it is successful, try starting X again, if not, then you probably need to install a different driver. I had to compile mine from source to make it work. If you need help with that let me know.

Otherwise, check the documentation to make sure you have made the appropriate changes to your X-windows configuration file.

BTW, I am using the exact same board from MSI. Which distro are you using?
Thanks for your help.
I am using a Suse 8.0. The board worked fine in a Mandrake 8.2 environment, unluckily I did not save XF86Config.

The XF86Config contains the appropriate "driver" settings as well as the Load "glx". DRI is not being loaded.

I did both; I checked the configuration with the ready-made RPMS as well with the drivers compiled locally. No difference in behaviour.

NVdriver is beeing loaded at bootup and appears with "NVdriver" according to lsmod. So I don't suppose the error there.

Two things are strange:
- I can't find anything suitable about the error 104. No documentation at
- I wonder, if the error comes up due to the MMIO-registers. Is there anything I can change in my bios?

Is there a possibility for you to post your XF86Config?

Thanks in advance.

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