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Default First 10800GTX GPU-Z Screenshot

Earth shattering news hits the wild scene of the tech industry as an apparently disgruntled Nvidia employee leaks a GPU-Z screenshot of the ground breaking and apparent game crunching monger, the 10800GTX. Nvidia, the popular manafacturer of graphics cards and chipsets, has barely began the company's 9 series campaign with their lauch of the 9600GT, and have yet to introduce the 9800GTX slated for March 11th.
The Nvidia employee contacted TechLeak and let us have the chance for an exclusive Interview regarding the 10800GTX and the circumstances behind the leak.
The employee asked that we not use his real name, and agreed to answer three question only.


Atilda: Why did you decide to leak the screenshot of the 10800GTX.

Nvidia employee: I was tired of all the Nay sayers on various forums who were criticizing the specs of the 9800GTX, and thought it was necessary to excite Nvidia fans about what we have in the works in our labs.

Atilda: The 10800GTX is sporting 975mhz clock speed from the factory, and an impressive 1.2GB of GDDR4 memory, how will this translate to game performance?

Nvidia employee: It will play Crysis at 165 fps with all the eye candy turned on.

Atilda: How will this affect the gaming community, and when could we expect the 10800GTX to come out?

Nvidia employee: This card will end console gaming. It's best for gamers to wait for the 10800GTX to upgrade if possible. They will see minimal inreases when upgrading from an 8800Ultra to the 9800GTX. The 10800GTX will be released first quarter of 2011.
Ouch 1st quarter of 2011? Guess I'll be going with Amd soon enough... The 9000-series seems to be a joke and offer no real benefits over the 8000-series. I do hope and believe this is all fake though..
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