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Originally Posted by Bearclaw
My dad has some old cerwin vegas from college and I fixed them up, hooked them up and they still ROCK. There are so intense, I can't imagine what the new er ones(Post 1970, lol) sound like.
I know most people swear by the new form of towers that have those puny 6's or 8's in 'em... but there's something about a large woofer in a tower box that just... well... demands attention. You look at the towers I have in my room, and you feel intimidated. You feel like you cannot touch that volume knob for fear of blowing your ears off. I like that. Hence why I like those Cerwin-Vegas. You look at them and you want to coward down and beg for thier mercy that they don't blow your ear drums out. They're monstrous, and I dig that.

I know I originally said my budget was only a couple hundred... but I've since changed my mind. I'm buying two of these... though it probably wont be for another year now. Gotta' start saving 'em pennies.
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