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Default Re: I'm afraid to go over 55c....

Originally Posted by Harnagel
What are you measuring the temps with? What are you using to load your CPU?

If I use the latest Prime95 to load the CPU and measure with Everest. Personally, I would start worrying if it went higher than 60C while running that test. But some people aren't bothered till closer to 70C. It depends on your willingness to push it I guess.
Everest shows two types of temp readings though. The individual core temps (Tjunction), and the CPU temp (Tcase). For a C2Q, Tjunction temps are always around 10 (+- 3) C higher than Tcase temps. Since Intel's thermal specification uses Tcase temps, and the max Tcase temp for a B3 stepping Q6600 is 62.2C, and 71C for the G0, I would start worrying when the CPU temp reaches 70C. Core temps can go as high as 80C for the G0.
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