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Default Re: Understanding your 3DMark06? .....performed by SF3D..... Today I got another 3870X2 and decided to do some quick pre results.

I had huge problems with BlackOPS beta bios and Crossfire. Max fsb was 405.
Cards run fine and overcloking was as easy as before.

These runs were done in hurry, cause I have only this night left to bench. I have another things to do in next few weeks.

No pictures of setup, cause my camera is still away.


Foxconn BlackOPS (bios 7)
QX9650 @ 1.96V
G.Skill DDR3 (2.3V)
2x 3870 X2 (1. unmodded and 2. modded) (918MHz/1070MHz all tests)
Thermaltake TT 1200W
PCI-E @ 120MHz
Max fsb 405MHz.

Operating system: Win Vista 32-bit

Screenshots can speak for themselves
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