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As for other distros, I have had great success with Red Hat Linux 9 with the FX5200 card. Only during it's installation do I run into a little problem and that is resolved by using the text mode for the install. Once the system is installed, the 'nv' driver does it's thing.

The only other distro I have tried while using the FX5200 card is Knoppix. And here I did run into a weird one with the /ect/modules.conf entry for the 3D driver. Usually,when the nVidia installer script is run, it places an line in the /etc/modules/.conf (alias char-major-195 nvidia). But in Knoppix, there is no entry made! I have learned to make the entry myself. Then, because I modified the /etc/modules.conf myself, this line has a tendency to disappear, especially after installing or upgrading packages. And on the next boot up, X will not start. Now, I know this is due to my ineptness with Knoppix but it is something to watch out for non-the-less...
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