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Default Re: WoW: Alliance or Horde?

Originally Posted by jolle
On the server Im on Allies almost always win AV, loose AB and WSG (always horde premades), and EOTS can go either way (unless its a horde premade).

Horde kicks ass at healing tho, which alliance really lacks usually, and they protect their healers, while most alliance players seem to just ignore the horde healers.
I always go for them, and with luck I can get one down before I die, at anyrate ive disrupted healing with stunlock tho. works the other way around for me with EOTS.
I needed to farm EOTS marks for my epic pvp mace....and I needed 40 of them.
Which was a lot of EOTS when you keep constantly coming up against PM's!

I find unless Im in a PM myself, EOTS is a BIG pain in the seems to be the one BG that alli actually bother making PMs for themselves.
They may not always be good PMs...but its still hard to turn the game around when they all stand at the bottom on the starting area and attack before you even get to the ground.

I think there should be a server where you can play PM against PM..if thats the way you want to go.
Otherwise is just an unfair disadvantage.

But...its the only way the alli can win....we all know that
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