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Originally Posted by Aurthus
Cerwin used to be pretty good, word is not so much anymore.

but you asked earlier about a "newegg" type place. that's where i used to shop for speakers... when i was single lol

Bah.. i just looked and they seemed to have moved on from selling what your looking for to the newer type towers.
Have you thought of buying new components and just reusing your cab's?
That's essentially what I'm doing. My old LXI's (3-way, floor standing) are starting to go out and I'm wanting to get some more cabs or towers to replace them. I'm really liking the look of those Cerwin-Vegas as they'd better match my current towers in size.

Ideally I was going to use my current towers as the rear surround speakers and the new towers for the front speakers. But if all that is really available is the new skinny towers, I'd just use those for the surround speakers and my current towers for my fronts.

I'll look through Crutchfields offerings though... thanks for posting that. Hadn't thought about them.
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