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Default Re: nHancer feedback thread

I had planned to release the new version of nHancer together with the new website design.

Unfortunately, this will take some more time to be finished. So I decided to release the current version as a new beta. You can download it here:


Here’s a short summary of all major the changes since 2.3.x:
  • New logo, icons and “about window” designed by Eberhard Klauke. Thank you very much, Eberhard!
  • Added new SLI modes (Bloom, 3-way and for DX10 exclusively: 4-way)
  • Support of all the latest cards up to the 9600 GT
  • Added OpenGL multi monitor options
  • All new profile management, which allows to override all options in nVidia’s predefined profiles, including AA and AF prevention.
  • Profiles can now be reverted to their original state as they were predefined by nVidia.
  • New “Shadow-Profiles”, which are replacing (overshadowing) predefined profiles automatically, if the user changes a predefined option.
  • The nHancer service is now optional. nHancer runs without the service, but only if started with administrator rights. The installer has the option to install nHancer without the service.
  • Added a text search box to find a profile. Just type away and nHancer will show only profiles matching the entered text.
  • Added a new profile type filter. Click on the filter icon to see all filter options.
  • Several new Anti-Aliasing modes: 8xSQ, 2xQ, 4x9tap
More details about the changes are listed in the enclosed readme file as always.

Additionally, the nHancer forum is online again. I’ve replaced the forum software. This was meant for the restart of the website as well, but you can take a look if you want.

Visit the forum here:
nHancer - Advanced nVidia Control Utility and Profile Editor

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