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Originally posted by CaptNKILL
nonononnon... I mean, HOW WOULD IT WORK?

Is your screen split in half, down the middle? If so, it would be almost impossible to play with a 3-4 inch line (monitor boarder\space between monitors) between the left side of your crosshair and the right side. I understand how some strategy games could do this, by having more menus\buttons on another screen, but when you start cutting images in half (3d images specificly), the whole multi-monitor idea just doesnt make sense.
Ah right I get it, well with this for first person shooter like Quake and Half Life, yes the screen will spilt in half. In strategy games like Star Trek Armada 2 is good for dual monitor, on monitor 1 is the same 2D visual with menu and controls buttons as single monitor and the 2nd monitor has full 3D visual.

Widescreen monitor is the only solution for first person shooter games so that why I prefer widescreen monitor over dual monitor screen split 3 inch apart.
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