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Cliff Pitt
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Angry Nview not starting?? can anyone please help?

Hi all.

I have just purchased and installed a Gainward Ti4200 XP GS 128mb.

I use a dual monitor setup ( see my specs below)...I cannot get Nview to load on startup???...The only way to get it to startup and enable the menu extentions is to go into control panel and start up the nView Desktop Manager manually!!! just by double clicking on it and then closing the window down again.....I then get the right click menu extentions etc etc etc......Is this correct or am I missing something?....surely I shouldnt have to do this every time??????

I assumed that using the Wizard config tool when it says " load at windows startup " or something like that...that it would load and give me the right click menu options?...Am I still missing something?

Anyone else have this problem...I have e-mailed Gainward 2 times over this but had no reply

I am using Det's 28.32....I have tried all the drivers above this including 40.41's but no luck the problem is still there.....I normally reboot into Safe Mode and remove the old drivers and software etc etc...and then on reboot install the new drivers.....what am I doing wrong??

I am very annoyed that I cant get this simple util to work as this is the reason I purchased the card in the first place

Please help if you can......I know I must be missing a simple step but i just cant figure it out.

Just a note I thought of that you may have asked:...I have re installed the whole OS 5 times now!!!! that IS a clean no luck...tell me what i'm missing's got to be sooooooooooooo simple i'll kick
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