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Default Re: I cant take this anymore!

Originally Posted by Dreamingawake
you should use

B. a better video card.

that should solve your problem.

My brother has a near ancient 939 system with a 320mb GTS and it runs smooth as glass on medium/high.

for the nine thousandth time, crysis could care less what CPU you have!! I've put my ultra in my brothers system and gotten a smooth 25 fps (oxymoron haha) on all very high settings. Benchmark test (both GPU and CPU tests) prove that my E6600 is only worth about 5~ish fps on average more than what the 939 can dish out considering that I also run slightly higher settings.

so all of you still under the impression that crysis gives two craps about what CPU you've got, stop. The GPU defines the performance of Crysis becuase the game wasn't coded to utilize multiple cores (not yet at least). The simple fact that my brothers 939 system with 1 gig of ram can nearly match the benchmarks of my system which considerably out muscles his tells me that despite whatever other benchmark tests we may see online, I've seen with my own eyes crysis totally ignoring the cpu. Running 3dmark 06 on both systems both with his machine with the ultra and then the GTS, shows tremendous differences in the scores. Even with the ultra in his system, it couldn't crack 10K points. Mine demolished his score so there's nothing abnormal about either of our systems.

CDE, Medium water/shadows, high texture, low post processing, no AA, no AF all at 1280X1024. It's not rocket science. There are countless tweak guides out there going in depth on maximizing performance and eye candy.

Running "good" by definition for crysis is 25~30 fps. That's the target to shoot for when you're tweaking the configuration or graphics settings.

If this doesn't work, consider running disk clean up, defrag, etc. It could just be your OS is old and bloated. I've noticed games run considerably quicker after a fresh install of windows.
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