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Default Re: Frontlines: Fuel of War

Originally Posted by bacon12
Yea ok, try not being such an asshat/fanboi. It's a bug if you can't get out of vehicles after freakin remapping your keys, which btw the default mapping sucks.

This game can be very nice, but it is still feeling, and acting like a rushed console port right now. No VOIP, no server files, in game chat mixed in with game stats, no joystick support, need I go on.

I am not bashing the game or the devs, because I like it. Just needs some work is all. For instance here is a funny screenshot I took last night of my invisible man squad mate.

Firstly... never mind.

Secondly a fanboiy i am not, 3rdly (is that a word?), asshat yaself mofo.
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