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Default Re: I'm afraid to go over 55c....

Originally Posted by Roliath
Do you feel comfortable pushing that amount of voltage even under water?
I imagine the chip won't last that long
Why not? its still under the temp limit by Intel. so lets say that it cuts the life of the CPU in half or even 75% thats still 7-3.5 years. (assuming a 15 year life)

I will have that CPU sold by then end of the year I imagine. and the next person will probably keep it at stock clocks and get another few years out of it.

I plan on running it faster with more voltage with phase cooling later this year, I do currently have it @ 3.8Ghz with 1.4v but only because of temps, I would prefer with those volts (1.7) to keep the temps under 60c

IMHO if you are within all of Intel specs then you are fine. I am sure that they put safety margins in their CPU specs.

You will never in any application stress your CPU as much as Prime95, even when i am rendering with 100% CPU load its 10c cooler than prime.
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