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Default Re: 100.xx and 169.07 drivers locking up when starting X

I have an 8700M (dual, actually) in a laptop with 4G of RAM. FreeBSD ignores about 800 meg of that RAM in 32 bit mode (never tried PAE --- would like to know if that works) but the 169.12 driver works for me (save the constant interrupt storm on one CPU)

I've used the nv driver in 64 bit mode with 4G of ram installed and being used (I have the machine dual-boot FreeBSD 32 and 64 and windoze XP for games). The NV driver is pathetic at 2d (solid window moves suck) and seems to have a bug whereby the pointer change has a race condition and it screws up, hanging X.

The interrupt storm eating one CPU would be more of an issue if this machine didn't have dual-core. I'm not getting rid of my 64 bit partition yet, tho.
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