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Originally Posted by Alaa
Thanks for your reply. I started learning Java in my university then I took a small course about C++ and YES I was clueless when it came to pointers! But things went well later.

Anyway, in Java I could create GUI and I learned about OOP:Inheritance-Encapsulation-Exceptions I don't know if there were other stuff but I don't think they were deep enough to make me fully everything. So, I want to make a clean start to make up for everything I missed. btw, what language is mostly used in modern games?

Also don't forget to enlighten me with your "perfect combination".
Dunno if there is a "perfect combination".... like I said, it depends on where you want to go. C# and SQL probably isn't going to help you write crysis, but skills gained working with C# could certainly apply. Like others said, C or C++ is going to be used in most games, just for performance reasons (no one wants Crysis freezing for 5 seconds in the middle of an intense moment to garbage collect!). I suppose the byte code style languages (ie, Java) with JIT compiling could be fast enough, you'd still have to be very cautious about managing the garbage collector, though.
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