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Default Custom Modline stopped working with 169.xx

I'm running a 7950 GT card to an ILO 26in HDTV using a DVI to HDMI cable. This worked but I was having under scan issues with all the default resolutions.

After a few hours of searching Google I was able to figure how to force the Nvidia driver to set scaling to center then, using a modline generator I found, I created a custom resolution 1200x676 @60Hz and this worked great until the 169.xx driver. Once I installed this driver and rebooted my screen was blank acting like it wasn't receiving a signal.

Using the ctrl++ command I was able to cycle to a standard resolution but with the underscan issue. After down grading to 100.14 driver my modeline was once again working. I've done a full update to FreeBSD 7.0-RELEASE and updated all my ports with no change to the issue. Attached is a copy of the bug-report along with my xorg.conf file.

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