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Default Re: I cant take this anymore!

Originally Posted by Redeemed
Really? So a single core A64 2800 will net nearly identical performance in Crysis as my FX-60 at max settings?

No... it wont.

You mention he has an "ancient 939 system"... that is quite vague. Even the X2 3600 (939) will offer a performance boost over the single core 4000. Going from single core to dual core *will* net you a performance boost in Crysis. And considering that the OP's proc is a single core Pentium 4... it is no wonder his performance is so low.

There comes a point where the video card finishes it's task(s) before the CPU can send it new jobs. In his case, this is probably what he's experiencing... along with other things I'd imagine.

To play crysis at a consisten 25+fps you need a decent dual core setup, and absolutely no lower of a video card than what he already has. I guarantee that if the OP upgraded to a Core2 he'd notice a good boost in FPS.

Unfortunately... Crysis has yet to take advantage of quad-core CPUs, it seems limited to only dual-core. But to say there's virtually (or even "next-to") no difference running the game on a single core vs. a dual core is flat out wrong. There's a difference.

A P4 3.2 would be even slower than the 4000+ in that test (By quite a bit) so you would probably have to be running at 800 x 600 low settings to make the game playable.
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