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Default Re: Plasma TV is dead

Originally Posted by DonPMitchell
LCD has all those advantage, and one disadvantage. When a pixel goes black on a plasma display, it just turns off and emits no light. It's black. But on an LCD, the pixel turns opaque in front of a back light, and some light leaks through.

This problem is being solved by the upcoming LCD displays, which have an array of LED lights than can turn down when a region of the screen is dark.
Yet the samsung sporting the new led-backlighting system doesn't even come close to the kuros in terms of black level performance(seen them side-by-side). Only when watching a completely dark screen did the samsung pull ahead.

Well, this is still a good thing even though lcds still have a very long way to go until they reach the level of picture quality plasmas currently offer, because it shows that the market is moving forward.

Plasmas are still not dead though, at least not until panasonic stops producing them as well.

Now, Pioneer will buy its panels from the competing brand and it will begin picking up LCD panels from...
So plasmas aren't dead at all. They just won't be producing the panels themselves anymore.
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