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Default My sluggish 2D dilemma

Here's my delimma... I recently bought a shuttle case that has the nvidia chipset. I've tried configuring it every way possible, and read lots of great information on these forms (thanks nvnews team!)...

I'm not using the box for gaming, and I haven't gotten 2D acceleration to work at an acceptable level. Window dragging, scrolling, switching windows, etc, all seems sluggish. The box is plenty powerful (2GHz Athlon, 1G RAM)

What should I do? Is there a better video card that I can get? I can justify spending the money if I know it'll work better. Will the next driver release offer any improvements? When will they come out?

I hate to ditch the onboard dual-video, but at this rate, I'm getting fed up with a sluggish system.

Thanks for any advice,

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