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Hey, Mike,

I just checked the "refurbished version" and obviously it sounds better now.

I guess you might still think of them what you do, but that is the whole point not to address them publicly, I guess it is better for you and for them.

Still it must be hard to be in the "public eye" as someone will always find some reason to bash you for your opinion.

It is probably the best to ignore the hard opinions from some people just don't forget that most of us who are here and keep quiet actually really appreciate your work (and obviously other guys who keep this site alive ), and that's why we are here.

As for the Inquirer, they might not have good info all the time, and we should take everything with a grain of salt, but that is what they are. The rumor site No 1. at least for me, and I read it as it is interesting more times than not.

and just to discuss the 3.2 ghz PIV.

In fact, the roadmaps only show Intel able to reach something like 3.20GHz on Pentium 4s, and AMD might well have an additional lease of life in the constantly changing Megahurts Madness both firms play.

One problem, according to sources close to the matter, is that when the internal chip frequency hits 6GHz, as it does with the 3.06GHz because the adders are double clocked to get the work done in a single pipeline cycle, Intel will have to eventually re-engineer the design of the P4 to keep it viable. But such a task is of such magnitude that to achieve the frequencies the firm is projecting in 2005 or so, it is probably more realistic to start another design rather than re-engineer all the innards of the processor.

The same roadmaps show Intel has to swap to a 90 nanometer process for the Pentium 4 to achieve higher clock speeds. While some people are speculating that Intel may demo machines clocking at significantly higher frequencies at the Intel Developer Forum in San Jose this week, the new chemistry AMD is producing could give Chipzilla some real headaches.

I guess the guy is not claiming that they will not go higher, but that Intel will stop at 3.2 for the time being according to the roadmaps he has seen... and that speed will ramp up with Intels .09 Um process, which is due second half of the next year. And than/ or in the meantime the processor will be at least modified or reingineered.

You should regard this as rumor - and as such I got it presented, I may come true and it may not, perhaps to whomever the Inquirer spoke to has some clues that we don't and that is why I read them anyway. As for current P4's to be overclockable, some Japanese guys took it over 4 ghz with extreme cooling sooo... it can surely go higher, but we still have to see how high will Intel take it in its current incarnation.

The only official info we have (i guess it is official, perhaps semi-official, offical announcement will be the release of a few weeks before, at least most of sites reports the same) is a Hyperthreaded 3.06 Ghz cpu before Christmas this year, and noone is denying that.

So the point is that this is not offical, far from it, but it is still interesting to read as we all (i guess ) like speculation.
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