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Well I finally put my new rig together, Q6600 G0, 4GB Dominator RAM, it's all in the sig. So, I pop it all in there (not literally) and fire it up (not literally again) put the BIOS settings how it should be, onboard audio disabled, etc. I installed everything, the video driver, chipset driver, all that good stuff. I check my WEI and it's at 5.9 straight down the board, but my RAM is 5.3 (my HDD is 5.2, but I don't worry about that) and it's Dominator CL4 RAM. I downloaded CPU-Z and it shows my RAM's timings all ****ed up. So I jump into the BIOS and fiddle around with things. I change the Cas Latency to 4 and it wont boot.......I flash the CMOS settings and go in again. It turns out that no altered RAM timing will apply. That's one problem

Now, my other problem is that the CPU won't overclock. I set the settings in the BIOS as well, it POSTS but when I check CPU-Z, it's stock 2.4GHz. I use that D.O.T. setting and it POSTS but it's still stock. No overclock is being applied at all. What could be the problem. Specs in the sig.


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