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Default Re: Crysis Patch 1.2 Released


*Fixed an issue with "Escort Prophet out of sphere" objective failure causing reloading issues.
*Player will now be prone if loading a level that was saved while they were prone.
*Fixed an issue with troopers missing shield fx if the player was holding them when the level was saved and loaded.
*Fixed issue where after saving the game manually while in the shell, the save will not immediately appear in the save list.
*Player no longer has grenade controls during cutscenes
*Player is no longer able to carry enemies into cut scenes.
*Fixed issue where player weapon loses shadow on loading save game.
*Fixed player view aligning to horizon on loading.
*Helmets on the Navy personnel on the flight deck now fit their heads.
*Added a missing texture at the base of doorway leading to schoolhouse roof from staircase in village.
*The paper on all of the clipboards through out fleet no longer appears to be upside down.
*Improved AI machinegun handling (both stationary and mounted machineguns on vehicles.)
*Increased player melee damage and decreased AI melee damage
*Increased damage of most player-fired weapons and decreased damage of most AI-fired weapons.
*Helmets will never deflect shots when the player hits them while using weapon sights.
*Halved suit energy required for punching in strength mode.
*Adjusted AI vehicle coax gun pitch limits


*Fixed issue where death effects were only showing on remote players.
*Server admins can now remove the server password with 'sv_password 0'.
*Clients with a password set can now correctly connect to unpassworded servers.
*Fixed some game states not properly resetting after game restart.
*Fixed an issue where factory vehicle marker was not showing up for clients. The vehicle you purchased is now visible with a blue icon.
*Fixed an issue where scores could change after the game has ended.
*Fixed issue where sometimes demotions would not be properly announced.
*Radio commands will now be properly played as a voice sound.
*Fixed an issue in spectator mode where the player's view could clip through the top of objects
*Fixed an issue where vehicle shattering effects were not playing on clients
*Fixed an issue where standing on a crouched squadmate would cause model clipping.
*Fixed an issue where the player was unable to purchase additional mines or claymores through load out menu if one already in inventory.
*Fixed issue with missing subtitles in French version of PowerStruggle tutorial.
*Player can now no longer create and save unpurchasable custom loadouts by including multiple pieces of kit equipment.
*Player can now no longer create custom loadouts with more weapons than the player can carry.
*Fixed issue where player was automatically assigned armor mode when switching to spectator team.
*Fixed issue where tutorial message warning player of an enemy base is played too late.
*Fixed issue where tutorial message starts too soon when player gets to the aviation factory.
*Player no longer gains 1 free grenade when he uses up all ammo in a grenade launcher and purchases a different weapon.
*Fixed a potential negative ammo hurricane issue.
*Fixed an issue where if the player picks up a claymore after placing two claymores, player's weapon will not switch to claymore upon pick up.
*Player can no longer suicide when already dead.
*The loadout menu no longer changes to the weapons menu when an alert event occurs in the game.
*When using PDA, if any player captures a location it will no longer revert to the first page of the PDA.
*Players will no longer be banned for team killing while in pre-game period.
*Players will now be able to pick up a respawned MOAR attachment.
*Fixed not being able to scroll player names on end of game scoreboard.
*Fixed an issue where the character's hands immediately disappears when attempting to throw a grenade with dual socoms equipped.
*When grabbing an enemy while Dual SOCOMs are equipped the right hand SOCOM will no longer disappear.
*Fixed an issue where the parachute is not seen by players when deployed in Powerstruggle.
*Fixed issue where VOIP doesn't work properly on non-dedicated servers.
*Tweaked spectator camera so view is more horizontal.
*Delayed manual switching to spectator mode right after death.
*Fixed issue where spectators don't see player names in IA.
*Map filter no longer allows the user to input an infinite amount of characters.
*Removed ability to highlight players on instant action scoreboard.
*Fixed issue where the player score was not the default view when pressing the 'Tab' button in MP.
*Fixed a number of issues where projectiles are not playing explosion effects and sounds on clients.
*Added team colors to kill/death messages
*Purchasing SMG and SCAR ammo now gives the correct amount of bullets in each clip
*Increased FY71 Incendiary ammo damage slightly
*Teamkilled players will no longer drop their weapon.
*Fixed an issue where enemy HQ flag icon would disappear.
*Added some additional clamping and protection to some console variables that could be used to cheat.
*Added a number of warnings for incorrect map version and missing maps when connecting to servers.
*Added a number of missing additional entities to the network scheduler
*Fixed an issue where players could be killed with AV mines placed above vehicles but not in contact with the vehicle.
*TAC icon for enemy players will now disappear when the player who is carrying a TAC launcher cloaks.

New Features

*Added auto team balance. Players will now be moved from full teams to the opposing side when dead if the numbers are unbalanced.
*Added multisample shading for shadows.
*Added vehicle-specific shatter effects when vehicles have been frozen.
*Logitech G15 display now fully supported in MP and SP
*Added free-rotation support for spectator camera.
*Added zooming support for spectator camera.
*Added mod loader to the main menu. User created content can now be loaded and unloaded through this menu.
*Added some additional audio hitfeedback functionality to multiplayer and singleplayer bullet impacts. Headshots will include an audible ding in multiplayer games.
*Improved red near-death HUD effect and visual feedback for player being hit.
*Added additional audio feedback for player hitting enemies. The feedback can be disabled with "g_useHitSoundFeedback 0".
*In single player, AI can now be knocked over while running into them in speed mode.
*Added numbers to energy bar in PowerStruggle for quicker reference
* Allow loading of custom objectives.xml files inside the respective level folder.
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