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NVAGP I never heard off so, please, fill me in. How would I invoke NVAGP? And I'm sure I would need to remove AGPART first. I think I know the commands but, again, any and all help is appreciated!
This stuff is covered in appendix D of the nVidia Linux readme, which is at

To change from agpart to nvagp, first you have to remove the agpart module (as you guessed). (Maybe you should reboot after disabling that module- I don't think so, but aren't sure). Then you find the line in /etc/.../XF86Config-4 where it says Driver "nvidia". On the next line, you put Option "NvAgp" "0". The zero tells it to disable AGP totally, making the card fairly slow. If this fixes problems, however, then you might consider replacing the 0 with either 1 or 2 to specify nvagp or agpart. Both of those are methods of accessing the AGP bus, written either by nvidia or the linux kernel folks. Depending on your luck, one might work better than the other.

Remember, those options only matter if you're using the "nvidia" drivers. So try installing them and then disabling AGP. Or for a fallback, try replacing the "nv" entry with "vesa" to see if you get at least slow 2-d graphics.
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