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Talking A new found Love for my Ti4600!!!

Hi one and all,

Well this is mainly a rant so please don't get all iffy on me.
I have been a gamer since way back when. The days of castlevania still ring true to my ears........

Personally I miss those days, the ramblings on between friends on games that made us the loyal devotees we are.
Then there was doom1, man how the pace increased...
My point is this.
That was then and this is now. I still remember the day I got my Diamond Monster Voodoo1 and how it changed the way we play games.(Graphically that is...)
And now we have reached a new era, or so we think.

I have been buying video cards because of games for a long time.
I commend Nvidia for producing some of the most stable Video cards, at least compared to the other cards on the market. Don't get me wrong, they have had their fair share of problems but in saying that things have gotten better.....

Now this moves me to the suppossedly fantastic Ati9700. At first this card had me so excited i was going to sell my Ti4600 for about $200 just so that i could get one.(with paying the difference of course)

I have done a full turn again and have a new found respect for my Visiontek Ti4600.

The list of problems that are cropping up in the Rage3d forums and other websites in regards to game compatibilities, motherboard compatibilities, etc...has got me thinking if this card with all its spendour is in fact worth the switch. Personally i do not think so whereas others will dissagree. To me the problems with the Ati9700 only seem to be getting worse not better, if not for the fixes that the Ati support guys have been providing to Ati community.

I will say Kudos to them for this support. This is definately a welcome sign.

The only thing is though that if I am splashing out $350 for a video card do I really want to put up with the level of problems that they have been experiencing....

I say NOT but then again this is my opinion so I will not force it on others. I just wish that these companies would concentrate on making sure that there are fewer problems even if it means slightly slower operating frequencies or whatever is causing it.

After all said and done this is just my opinion but I am sure that this is felt by many others. I will be keeping my Ti4600 and continue in gaming bliss in comparison to the boatload of problems that Ati is having to deal with.

Please feel free to post your comments/opinions on this matter...
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