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Default Re: Crysis Patch 1.2 Released

Originally Posted by Labyrinth
Then how do you explain the smooth framerates at like CES and all the other trade shows they displayed Crysis at?

"Look at this awesome game we made and how smooth it runs...but it'll run like a$$ when it's released to public."

That should have been the disclaimer on the box, or I wouldn't have bought it.
There already is a way to increase your fps and, surprise surprise, it's by LOWERING your settings. Just because you have two of the fastest cards on the market, doesn't mean they'll run crysis at full settings. This is not a thing fixable by crytek, because they can't make faster hardware appear out of nowhere.
The game runs like crap on higher settings because we don't have hardware capable of running it yet, except for maybe triple-sli.
I remember having serious performance issues when far cry launched, and you know what? The fps improvement was huge when the next gen of cards were released. So what we need is for nvidia to get off their asses and start bringing us some real dx10 capable cards, not just a freaking refresh of the g90 cars!
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