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Default Re: Crysis Patch 1.2 Released

Originally Posted by TheManko
That's not what they did with Far Cry! In order to keep up with graphics, or just make sure that you by far have the best looking game at release you sort of have to make the graphics better than the hardware can run when you're making the game, otherwise your game will actually look a year old if you make it for a year old hardware.

I think Crytek just like me expected Nvidia and Ati to actually release real next-gen hardware at this time and not rehashes of really old stuff. The stuff that will run Crysis as well as the Radeon 9700 ran Far Cry is coming later this year, but if you can't wait just live with 1280*720 @ very high or high settings at 1680*1050 or something. On my machine those two settings and resolutions are very playable and both look a mile better than any other game out now.

Games like Crysis are very good, even if it can be frustrating to have those pretty graphics there but not be able to run them, because those games actually put pressure on the industry. ID used to do that, but now they hardly release anything anymore, so I guess Crytek has taken that role.

And for their demos, maybe the demo maps and machines were pretty different from the final versions? There's all kinds of stuff they could've done to the maps for the sake of making a demo that could've made it run faster. They could've used special made config files tailored for just those machines similar to the config files available on forums now that enable certain very high features but still somehow keep the framerate up.

Anyway, my post may not have anything to do with the patch, but I'm just getting tired of people complaining over the fact that they're dissapointed over not being able to play the by far best looking game with hardware that frankly is growing pretty old now. I was hoping that this geforce 9 series would at least provide with a leap in performance similar to the 7 series over 6, but that doesn't seem to be happening. Even if Crysis can't be run at its "full potential" or whatever right now at 1600*1200 it's still a fantastic game. Frankly of all the fps games released last year its the only one I keep playing over and over again in singleplayer just because its so much fun. I have some experience in game editors, so I'm thinking of making modified versions of all the maps in the game with all sorts of fun stuff to do while replaying the game, just like all those demo level modifications that came out.
What he said... releasing games that will still look awesome next year is a good thing, in my book. When Doom 3 came out I had to use medium settings, and when I could put it in again and play it on super high it was even more awesome.
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