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Default Re: Life Tap nerf reversed..

They need to look at the damn spec as well as the class, especially for druid before they decide to hit it with the nerf bat some more. There aren't very many similarities between the play style of a balance druid vs a feral druid for example. Play style of a balance druid works more like a warlock or a mage, feral druid plays more like a rogue or a warrior. Resto druid is kind of his own thing and doesn't really play like anything else I know of (not as meaty as a healer palladin, and more mobile and better at single target healing than a priest.)

What sucks about all of this is they are going to nerf the balance druid which will have some impact on the performance of the other specs that people like to play (as feral druid I use my HoT's often) without giving any kind of appreciable buff to that other spec. I'm not going to respec to no god damn resto druid just to get my pvp gear.

I don't care if they don't nerf locks though. I haven't played arena yet, but outside of the arena I kill locks often The only class/spec that really gives me any problems is shadow priest; they're very much the anti-druid.
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