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Originally Posted by six_storm
So I've been playing 2Moons and I gotta say, pretty darn fun . . . and time wasting (I mean that in a good way). Some of the quests are a little hard to find and they DON'T get you EXP points for completing them. You only get EXP points for killing things. I've already completed a few quests and have finished the "noob maze". Pretty interesting that they send you through a training course so to say, but still, this game is pretty darn fun!

Graphics aren't too bad either.
no you do get XP on some of the quests not all, I'm a lvl 111 summoner there let me know if you need help..

and LORD-eX-Bu are you still playing 2Mooons? i stopped playing for 3 months and wanted to try it out again.
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