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Default Re: Circuit City Trading In HD DVD for Blu-Ray Players, Says Employee

Originally Posted by RaidenWoW

Instead of buying a blu-ray player and movies for $600 you can get the same **** for $200 with HD-DVD. Resale value won't be good for blu-ray either.
Exactly. So ya HD-DVD is phased out, but there's a good number of movies out for it. I've had the 360 player since it first came out and I bought the Toshiba HD-A3 for about $100 about a month ago or so.

I think people will soon realize Blu-Ray isn't all that great. So yea there's a "winning" format now, but what's the point in buying into it when the standalone player is like $400+ and the movies are considerably expensive (in comparison to HD DVD which is being cleared out).

I personally want to watch HD movies now (and have been watching HD DVD since june 2006) than like wait another 2 years for Blu-Ray players to get cheaper and Blu-Ray movies to get cheaper. This is what people fail to see. So let's say you wait till next summer (or more) and then finally buy a Blu-Ray player for a reasonable price and movies are more reasonable price too. You're all "happy" and all that that you got the "winning" format and waited it out. On the other hand, I will have been watching and enjoying movies at a reasonable price since mid 2006.
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