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Default Re: Plasma TV is dead

Originally Posted by Heinzftw
Just to let you know Plasma TV’s go bad within 10 years of their purchase. LCD TV's are the future go buy them!!
That’s not necessarily true, both Plasma & LCD TV’s have an average 60,000 hrs lifespan. For example, the average US household watches TV for 7hrs a day, that translates into 20+ years.

Plasma TV’s aren’t going away anytime soon, they’re still manufacturing rear projection TV’s for goodness sake. Each displays do have their pro’s & con’s. IMO OLED will be the future.

We just sold our Toshiba 32HL67U and purchased a new Panasonic TH-42PX80U plasma. Its still going through the burn in process but even at the default viewing profiles it looks awesome, especially when watching HD media. The blacks are almost too black at times, its very smooth and Panny is using new anti glare filters on their 2008 models that seem to work really well. All in all we’re happy with our purchase.

Originally Posted by CybrSage
Plasmas are better for the blacks. Panasonic's lineup is very good that even Pioneer (who currently makes the best) will go with their much cheaper panels.

I tested many LCD and Plasma TVs, and in the end chose the Panasonic TH-42PZ700U. Quite happy with my choice.
Good choice man, I was looking at the one too. Even though Pioneer displays have the upper hand, Panny has really narrowed the gap and they have IMO the best performance per price.
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