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Originally Posted by six_storm
Hmm. Not real sure. I just downloaded and started playing this afternoon so I have no clue. It's been a little easier to find quest compared to 2Moons so far, but I haven't played enough to really get into it.

As far as 2Moons, I'm a Lv. 13 Azure Knight. It does bug me that I got look all over the place just to find one quest. Usually with WoW, Cabal or Fiesta, quests are easy to find. Oh well, just a personal preference I guess.
Yea, it seems to be scaled down from what I've heard from my friends. I haven't really played any other MMOs but I found this one pretty easy to understand and pick up on what is going on. What you really should do though is take a look at the forums at acclaim, and also at There are some tutorials made by high lvl admins on acclaims site that give a decent guide to each character and a lot of different aspects of the game. MMOSite has a ton of resources for the game and can help you figure out a lot of how your skills work, what fortifying will do for you, etc etc.

I'm thinking of playing around with an AK as well, they have a lot of cool skills. They have 2 handed weapons, sword and shield, and I think they can also dual wield but I'm not sure. What makes them a great class is they have a fast heal skill, and they can take fairly well especially with a shield.
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