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Originally Posted by hirantha
no you do get XP on some of the quests not all, I'm a lvl 111 summoner there let me know if you need help..

and LORD-eX-Bu are you still playing 2Mooons? i stopped playing for 3 months and wanted to try it out again.
Hmm, you could probably kill anything I can get access to. Should be able to do Fast A's no problem with you.

As for the bots they did a good job at getting rid of a lot of them. There are still spam bots in the castles but sometimes the VGM's take care of that. The only thing I've been running into lately is people using hacks to help them get more mobs to attack and keep them from attacking back. You know something is up when you running into an area and all of the sudden there are 20 mobs just standing there picking their noses. (Hopes Hirantha isn't one of the hacking noobs with a summoner)
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