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Default Re: Crysis Patch 1.2 Released

Originally Posted by sammy sung
Installed the patch and suddenly the rear axle/wheels went missing from this truck,weird thing was that it was still drivable

I've seen a few people post this problem now.

So many blatant bugs still present.

1) Every time I strength punch someone, I die. It was random last patch. Now it is every time. The bug got worse...
2) Driving my tank and a flea jumps out from a bush and lands right in front my track. My tank flips over
3) Being frozen and some how end up prone clipping through the floor
4) The AA tank can't hit ****. (maybe this will improve when the lag improves)
5) I haven't played a full round on a PB server now without it crashing
6) Sounds like to cut out and stop working at random (someone said the sound loop bug still exists)

Makes ya wonder who really tests these patches. And how bugs that ruin gameplay existed since the beta..
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