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I studied on these 4 Quake 3 FSAA video clips, I am surprised to noticed that 4xFSAA and 6xFSAA has some jaggies, it not the way it turned to be completed FSAA ATI fans claimed, when the camera moved to left slow it started to showed the lines jaggies. It not completed straight line as it were on my old 3dfx Voodoo 5 I been ran on Quake 3 and Half Life, all lines was completed lined without line jaggies when turned to left slow at 4xFSAA.

Somehow the 6xFSAA clip has more jaggies than 4xFSAA or maybe MikeC mislabel 6xFSAA file as 4xFSAA and 4xFSAA file as 6xFSAA by mistake?

The conclusion is that I find ATI FSAA is not quite good as 3dfx FSAA but it still not far superior to 3dfx FSAA. 3dfx FSAA done amazing job to remove about 100% of jaggies, ATI FSAA do very good job to remove about 95% of jaggies and Nvidia FSAA do good job to remove about 90% of jaggies.
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