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Default Lot's of trouble SuSE 8.2 Epox 8RDA+

I can answer this one myself:
The kernel option pci=noacpi solved most of the problems except the one I'm having with usb...

I'v installed the SuSE 8.2 rpm v. 261
Prior to that I wasn't able to configure the onboard lan interface. Now the module nvnet is loaded.

My hup shows a connection, ifconfig gives me correct result:
eth0 ....

Pinging to or from the machine isn't possible. Sticking in a additional network card and configuring it like the onboard one it works.

Audio only gives me a crackling noise. It does it when I access my SCSI-controller too.

I'm having a second audio card installed . CMI - chipset. Trying to play something on it (with xmms) gives me a kernel panic.

USB: I neither can access my memory card reader nor my graphics tablet (the latter is blinking when attached to the usb for a while but stops blinking after 10 seconds)

All components worked on an Asus A7V333 previously.

Could that be an interrupt conflict and if so, how would I find out about it?

Any help appreciated!

My configuartion:
EPOX 8RDA+ - rev. 1.1
2x 512 DDR - 266
SuSE 8.2
nvidia - SuSE 8.2 rpm v 261
SuSE - Athlon Kernel 2.4.20
Athlon 1800+ (thoroghbred)

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