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Originally Posted by Alaa
And what about business solutions for companies? Is C# useful in that area?
it really depends on the company. most companies use java (non-gaming companies) because it is a widely used and accepted language. One that same note, the company I work for also writes pro*c (sql infused C) and sqr (proprietary oracle forms). Since the company uses C, they are more apt to hire C devs without java experience then they are to hire java devs without C experience. From a corporate standpoint we can't afford people that don't understand or use proper memory management. OOP skills are beneficial but imho aren't nearly as difficult to pickup than correct memory handling.

sql is beneficial, but when looking for jobs try not to make a big fuss about it, as most people can pick it up in a matter of days. If I were you I'd start with the basics, java or c/c++ then move on to .net from there, more doors will open for you with java and c/c++ knowledge than anything else.

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