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I have a solution that allowed me to install the nVidia drivers on The Debian Woody 3.0 installation on my machine.

In the file `nv-driver-install.txt', insert the following set of instructions:


Instructions for the Impatient (won't work for Woody 3.0):

$ tar xvzf NVIDIA_kernel.tar.gz
$ tar xvzf NVIDIA_GLX.tar.gz
$ cd NVIDIA_kernel
$ make install
$ cd ../NVIDIA_GLX
$ make install


In Woody 3.0, the file system is becoming consistent with the File
System Hierarchy Standard. This is not the same standard as that
followed by RedHat, and it is clear that the make files supplied by
nVidia do not take this into account. So, prior to attempting the
install, the following steps must be taken.

First, make sure that the correct set of kernel headers are installed.
Search for `kernel-headers' in dselect, and match the headers with
the results of a call to `uname -r'. These header files will be
installed in the following directory:

/usr/src/`uname -r`/include/linux/.

This is a problem, because the make file wants them in:


During the installation of Debian, a default set of kernel headers
was installed in /usr/include/linux/, and they do not necessarily
match the current kernel. The next two steps will fix this:

Step 1) Rename /usr/include/linux/ to:

/usr/include/linux-default/ (or something).

Step 2) Create a symlink from:

/usr/include/linux/ to

/usr/src/`uname -r`/include/linux/.

(I used `mc' (Midnight Commander), but `ln' is
the `official' way - see: man ln)

Now, there's one more little detail. The make file looks for
`modversions.h' under /usr/include/linux/, but it's currently
located in /usr/include/linux/config/. To fix this, carry out:

Step 3) Create another symlink, this time from:

/usr/include/linux/modversions.h to


NOW, you're ready to install the driver!

To install from tar file, unpack each file:
$ tar xvzf NVIDIA_kernel.tar.gz
$ tar xvzf NVIDIA_GLX.tar.gz

< end of new instructions>

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